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Carolyn Da Cunha, #2

Boston Renegades defensive back Carolyn DaCunha #2

Boston Renegades defensive back Carolyn DaCunha #2 returns her first career interception while playing against the Philadelphia Phantomz on June 9, 2018. Boston prevailed 50-0. ©2018 Mitzi Vélez Lorenzana

“The game of football is meaningful to me because it allows me to be my true self — competitive, loud, feisty, and unapologetic,” says cornerback Carolyn Da Cunha #2. Before pursuing football, she was a softball champion at Barrington (Illinois) High School where she was also a track and field athlete. Carolyn continued with softball while she attended Syracuse University. She discovered and joined the Renegades while attending Northeastern University School of Law. She has also taken up competitive obstacle course racing.

Juggling pursuits has never been a problem for Carolyn. “I actually played Little League Baseball until I was 12. When I tried out, most of the dads gave me weird looks but when I got on the field and didn’t miss a play, I actually garnered some applause and was picked by a team. At the same time, I was also doing ballet four days a week. Many times I would wear my ballet tights under my baseball pants so I could quickly race from the game to rehearsal.”

Position: Defensive Back
Height: 5'4"
Resides: Brookline, Mass.
Original hometown: Stamford, Conn.
Current occupation: Law student and legal researcher

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