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Vanessa Goh, #26

“Football has introduced me to a brand new community whose support has been unending. It has changed my mindset on sports and highlighted the true importance of teamwork and self-sacrifice,” says Vanessa Goh. “The game has inspired me to constantly push myself in order to make my teammates proud and it has shown me that I am capable of doing great things.”

Hailing from Davis, Calif., Goh leads a rigorous academic life, having attended UCLA and Harvard Extension School to study Sustainability. Prior to joining the Renegades, Goh was a three-sport athlete in high school, a member of the Women’s Flag Football Network USA Team, a multiple flag football champion in Los Angeles, and 2017 Team MVP for the Los Angeles Bobcats (IWFL) football team. In addition, she delves into the magical realm of Harry Potter, as a quidditch player for Team Malaysia and Team USA.

Position: Kicker
Height: 5'7"
Resides: Somerville, Mass.
Original hometown: Davis, Calif.
Current occupation: Masters Student in Sustainability

Boston Renegades, 2019