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Renegades Interviewed for “Purposeful Strength” Podcast

August 10, 2017 — Rese Woodfine #79, Kathryn Tylander #15, Emily Beinecke #87, and Brooke Goodman #97 were interviewed for the fitness podcast “Purposeful Strength” by host Sarah Polacco.

Episode 26: Football: The Game, the Team, the Strength, and the Renegades

“I wanted to title this one to just be football, not women’s football for a reason. Yes, they are women playing the sport. Yes, they are breaking genre role stereotypes. Yes they are showing women just how truly strong they are capable of being physically and mentally. But often times when we prefix a sport with “women’s” the connotation is that it somehow requires less talent or is less intense and this is absolutely not the case! These women are strong just beyond their muscles and I am so excited to share this podcast!”