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Staff and Operations (2018)

Ben Brown - General Manager
Molly Goodwin - Finance
Michelle McDonough - Business Development
Mia Brickhouse - Operations
Sheila 'LD' Dawson - Game Day Statistician
Mark C. Simon - Communications
Mitzi Velez Lorenzana - Photographer


Kathryn Schwartz - Public Address Announcer
Cindy Mulica - Game Day Director
Capone Hramiec - Assistant Game Day Director
Kathy Haley - Game Day Operations
Dunlap Family - Game Day Operations
Abby Thompson - Field Operations
Jalen Chait Green - Field Operations


Thanks to photographers Sam Goresh, Jes Quesada, and Renee Powell Thompson for generosity. Special thanks to The End Zone Militia for their enduring support and continuing presence at all of our home games and events.